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How to reach Sant’Antioco by public transport

The island of Sant’Antioco is located in the south-western coast of Sardinia, in the Province of Southern Sardinia (former province of Carbonia Iglesias) and is connected to Sardinia by an isthmus of around 4 km in length. Despite being an island, therefore, it can be reached by car or bus. Public transport in Sardinia is often lacking, at least in terms of the frequency of the rides, which is why, to fully enjoy the beauty of the island, it is always very useful to have a car available.
We will not talk about how to reach Sant’Antioco by car because now we all have the opportunity to use more or less up to date or technological digital navigators.
We will talk instead about how to reach Sant’Antioco by public transport.

The nearest station is Carbonia Serbariu, about 20 minutes from Sant’Antioco by car.
For train times, please consult the website or call 070.6794635 / Call Center 89 20 21, active every day, 24h/day.
From the Carbonia train station, you can reach Sant’Antioco with the ARST buses, the main public transport company in Sardinia, or with a taxi, at a cost of around 25 euros each way.
Taxi phone number from Carbonia: Antonello 338 4482105/349 0645014

The main reference for bus lines in Sardinia is the ARST, Sardinian Regional Transport Company.
ARST lines offer a good service but often have poor schedules, with large time slots where essential links between towns are missing.
ARST tickets can be purchased at dedicated ticket offices or at bars, newsstands and tobacco shops.
Freephone number ARST 800 865 042
See the lines on the website

Sant’Antioco urban transport
In Sant’Antioco there is a company that deals with local public transport: it is Senis autoservizi e autolinee.
During the summer, and only during the day, it offers shuttle services to and from the main beaches of the island.
During the summer season you will find in the hostel the updated timetables of the Senis bus lines, to reach the main beaches of the island independently.

PRIVATE SHUTTLE SERVICES / Car rental with driver (NCC)
A very convenient and inexpensive service, created to compensate for the shortcomings of the island’s public transport, is that of the rental with driver that operates mainly along the Cagliari Sant’Antioco line, arriving to offer up to two trips a day and return during the week.
This is a cheap service because you share the journey with other people in a 9-seater minibus. Price increases on the weekend when it is activated only by reservation.
The driver of these vehicles will pick you up where you need and take you directly to your destination.
Please contact our reception to book a private shuttle service.

Samuele Sulas Viaggi – Samu Viaggi – 348 8668338
Daniele Massa – 336 810432
Easy Move Transfer and Tours by Massimo Privitera – 340 3067942

In recent years, car sharing platforms such as Bla Bla Car and PassaggioSardegna have become increasingly popular.
The services offered by the users of these platforms are cheap and much loved especially by young people.
You can book directly via the web, just enter your destination and check if, in the desired time, someone will have to travel the same route.

Bla Bla Car: the most popular car sharing platform. In many cases it is the ideal solution to reach the island.
Passaggio Sardegna: island car-pooling platform.

Bicycle – for the more sporty
Sardinia is increasingly developing its own network of cycle paths.
There is still a long way to go but every year we see the length of paved slopes grow.
In a few years you will be able to get to Sant’Antioco by bicycle, directly from Carbonia.

On foot … only for true lovers of adventure
The Way of Santu Jacu: a path that crosses the whole of Sardinia, from Cagliari to Porto Torres, from Noragugume to Oristano, from Orosei to Olbia, the Sulcis and the islands touching and crossing the ancient places of worship of San Giacomo in the island.
The Way of Santa Barbara: a historical, religious and cultural journey in the Geomineral Park along the ancient mining paths of the Sulcis. In Sant’Antioco there is precisely the milestone of this journey on foot.
The MuMA Hostel is one of the accommodation facilities that welcomes pilgrims along the route with dedicated prices.

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