MuMA Experience

MuMA is a slow life by the sea


A museum, the Environmental Education Centre, numerous projects for schools, multi-purpose rooms that can host your events and much more. 
Everything at the MuMA speaks of sharing, a slow and opulent lifestyle and exciting discoveries.

Our multi-purpose rooms on the ground floor of the hostel are the ideal place to host events, exhibitions, conferences and artistic and cultural meetings. We organise initiatives for schools and guests, both external and internal at the MuMA Hostel.

We prefer books than television, and we have dedicated ample space both in the two rooms and in the corridors of the hostel for this purpose. With us you can actively participate in MuMA bookcrossing, take a book, or leave a book. Get comfortable and… enjoy your reading!

The rooms can also be used, on request, for the meals of large groups on holiday for several days.
Maximum capacity of the largest room (Sala Posidonia): 120 people.
Maximum capacity of the small room (Sala Nettuno): 60 people.

The Museum

Discover MuMA, Museum of the Sea and Shipwrights.
A little jewel that describes the aquatic flora and fauna of the lagoon and
preserves the memory of the naval carpentry of Sant’Antioco.

The Museum MuMA Hostel

Environmental education

MuMA is research and education with CEAS Isola di Sant’Antioco. Environmental Education Centre for Sustainability: excursions, recreational-educational activities, creative laboratories, school camps and educational paths for children. CEAS is sustainability, it’s education, it’s love for one’s own land, CEAS is caring.

Environmental education MuMA Hostel

Projects for schools

At MuMA we cultivate the wonder and magnificence of those who rely on us
because we believe that emotions are the most powerful mental stimulus.

Projects for schools MuMA Hostel


MuMA is sustainability with the Ecolabel.
You will notice a particular attention to
the environment throughout the hostel

Sustainability MuMA Hostel

MuMA Style

A small corner shop
full of culinary excellence
and local crafts

MuMA Style MuMA Hostel

The Cafè

A Cafè that accompanies your sunny and
relaxing days from morning
until late evening.

The Cafè MuMA Hostel

Canoe Trips

Enjoy a trip on the lagoon with the transparent canoes

Canoe Trips MuMA Hostel