Projects for schools

MuMA is also home to Ceas Isola di Sant’Antioco (Centre for Environmental Education and Sustainability).

The Ceas is responsible for protecting and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the area with a large range of activities dedicated to schools, residents, municipalities and companies. We want to be a point of reference in environmental education and sustainable development: this is why we design and organise educational days, educational tour camps and recreational-educational workshops for school children of all levels.

Years of work in the field have taught us that experience is worth more than any theoretical teaching and for this reason we design our workshops and educational interventions inspired by non-traditional training tools such as Learning by doing, Edutainment, Inquiry Based Science Education and Lifelong learning.

It is known that experience in nature – a training ground of the senses – favours a healthier development of the individual from a physical, sensory, psychological, emotional and spiritual point of view and for this we design hands-on activities which allow adults and children to listen, see, smell and experience the real world (outdoor education).

We cultivate the wonder and magnificence of those who rely on us because we believe that emotions are the most powerful mental stimulus.