There is another aspect that you will be familiar with: it is called Ecolabel, the European Union ecological quality label that distinguishes products and services that guarantee high standards of performance against a reduced environmental impact.
At the MuMA you will notice particular attention to waste separation, water and energy savings, use of local products and the environmental awareness of our guests. Because knowing is the first step to loving and protecting.

Support us in our daily commitment to the environment:

  • Water saving: sheets and towels changed every 3 days, flow reducer in the taps (same comfort, but with consumption reduced by 30%)
  • Waste separation: elimination of disposable products in the rooms and at breakfast, toilet paper and Ecolabel printing paper (or with low environmental impact), waste separation in common areas
  • Energy saving: exclusive use of LED or energy-saving bulbs, use of light timers in walk-through areas, use of energy-efficient air conditioners.
  • Sanitisation of premises: use of concentrated and automatically-dosed detergents for cleaning and sanitising the premises
  • Local food products: ‘zero food mile’ breakfast, evenings dedicated to tasting local products, selling local products in the MuMA Shop
  • Responsible mobility: rental bicycles on request, promotion of the use of public transport
  • Enhancement of the area: presence of the Museum and the CEAS within the accommodation, possibility of taking walks and excursions with environmental hiking guides, possibility of participating in activities and environmental education workshops for children, tourist information and promotion of the area, exhibition and sale of handicraft products in the MuMA Shop
  • Dogs welcome: upon request, the MuMA Hostel welcomes small-legged friends
  • Accessibility: rooms equipped to accommodate guests with physical disabilities, absence of architectural barriers throughout the MuMA Hostel, lift approved for all types of wheelchair
  • Non-smoking: smoking prohibited in the rooms, common areas and the garden throughout the MuMA Hostel