The MuMA Hostel

Finally, here is the MuMA Hostel, wrote D. H. Lawrence in his Sea and Sardinia.

Just beyond the isthmus that joins the island of Sant’Antioco to the south-western end of Sardinia, and brushed against the esplanade with the promenade, seafront restaurants and fishing boats, appears the ochre-yellow building in all its welcoming elegance. A pierced gate with the word MuMA invites you to enter, and from then the holiday starts.
Because the MuMA Hostel is not just a hostel with a museum : staying here is living right on the seafront. It’s waking up to the cry of the seagulls announcing the arrival of the boats with the freshest fish from the night’s catch. You benefit from all the comforts of a brand new building with the services and quality of a three-star hotel. It is sharing the reception with the Museo del Mare e dei Mastri d’Ascia, a little jewel that describes the acquatic flora and fauna of the lagoon and passes on the memory of the naval carpentry of Sant’Antioco. It is having the island at hand, with its beaches, cliffs, the humanity of its people, the great history of its Phoenician origins, the rituals in costume dedicated to the namesake saint martyr and the patron of all Sardinia.

The MuMA Hostel is a new experience, a unique emotion.

Our reception is located right at the entrance to the Museo del Mare e dei maestri d’Ascia, a little jewel that tells the work of the traditional marine carpentry of the masters of Sant’Antioco and of the fishermen, the flora and fauna of the lagoon, the lighthouses and traffic lights of Sardinia.
Reception opening times: from 8.00 to 12.00, from 16.00 to 20.00.
Please inform the reception for arrivals outside of the opening times.
Room check-in from 16.00 to 20.00. Check-out by 10.30.